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Past toy Australian Shepherd puppies for sale

Spike and Coco puppies 1/23/2019

Congrats to Carol Christine Pearson


Loki is just gorgeous.  Look at those baby blues.  Loki boarded her flight for Seattle this morning.  We were very sad to see her go, but very happy she’s gone to a farm home where she will get to follow her new mom everywhere.

Congrats to Colleen Powell and family.


This gorgeous baby has been sold with full breeding rights.  He will go on to make some beautiful tiny pups.  He was the tiniest male of all of Spike's litters.  He is red factored and has that gorgeous blue merle pattern and one blue eye.

Congratulations to Brooke Hagerty


 We all had a special place for this little puppy at Tiny Aussie because she is the spitting image of her daddy.  However, I know this beautiful red tri female found the perfect home for her.  She will love to run at her new farm home.  We will miss you mini Spike. 

Congratulations to the Urdaneta family.


 Congrats to Guillermo Urdaneta and family.  This red merle female is a surprise for his daughter.  I'm sure she will be loved. 

Spike & Sophie puppies 1/12/2019

Congrats to Jessica Pujals, who came back for seconds.


Congrats to the Pujals family who came to get a buddy for a previous Tiny Aussie puppy.  Got to see how cute Kody Jr. turned out.  Thanks again for bringing him to pick up his new little buddy.  It was great to see him and what a sweetheart he’s turned out to be.

Congrats to Andrea Ramos.


Congrats to Andrea Ramos on her first ever furever pal.  She fell in love instantly with this little black tri male.  He is so sweet and super mellow.  He just melts your heart.  

Congratulations to the Shae family


Congratulations to Caitlin Shae and her family.  Her beautiful little girl is going to love her new best buddy.  This tiny black tri female was the runt of the litter.  Will probably mature to approximately 8 pounds, about the weight of her dad.

Congratulations Jazmin Bell


Congratulations to Jazmin Bell.  This puppy went to her new forever home today.  They had been searching for the perfect Tiny Aussie since last year.  This puppy will be loved.  This puppy is a red tri female with one green eye and one blue eye.

Tiny Aussie's Panda Bear


Panda Bear is being kept back replacing her momma in our breeding program.  She has the two brightest blue eyes I have ever seen on a puppy.  She's got a gorgeous showy Harlequin coat and a super laid back personality.  Can't wait to see her offspring.  She's got the boxy head and thick bone in a small package.

Bandit and Kody puppies 10/29/2018

Congrats to the Pujals


Tiny Aussie‘s Kody Pujals was delivered today as a surprise Christmas gift to this beautifull young lady.  What a great picture at his new home with his new best friend.  Merry Christmas everyone.

Congrats to Isaac Garcia and his boys.


Congrats to the Garcías, Kai and Zack.  These two brothers are going to have lots of fun with this little girl.  She has the most beautiful blue eyes and tough little demeanor.  She is such a good puppy.  We will miss her.  She’s gone to a perfect home for her.  Happy Holidays 2018.  Just look at those smiles.  :) 

Kody & Coco’s babies 6/12/2018

Congrats Collin Bowling.


Congrats to Collin Bowling and his girlfriend who got this little girl as a birthday surprise.  This little pup weighed three pounds at her 8-week checkup.  She’s a beautiful blue merle with tan markings, minimal white and gorgeous green eyes with blue flecks.

Congrats to Lazaro Ravelo and his boys.


Congrats to Lazaro Ravelo who bought this little guy to start his breeding program in Colorado and because his boys wanted a puppy.  This mini Australian Shepherd is a black tri with copper markings and minimal white.  Gotta love those little nose freckles.

Congrats to Sean Tomlian.


This little Tiny Aussie weighed just two pounds at her last vet checkup.  She’s a ball of fire and such a cutie.  She loves to play.  She’s a gorgeous little black tri with rich deep copper and minimal white. 

Congrats to Ashley Meeks and family.


This little blue merle with flashy copper won our hearts.  We will all miss her here at Tiny Aussie, but she’s gone to her new and forever home who will love her and give her a new playmate and mentor.  Oh my and that smile just melts your heart.  What a great picture.  Thank you to the Meeks for sharing.

Gremlin & Snoopy’s babies 3/17/17

Congrats to the Garcia family


Brandi is such a cutie.  After a long search for the perfect Aussie, the Garcia family encountered this tiny pup and fell in love.  She is a red merle from Snoopy and Gremlin and she has one blue eye.  

Sold to the Walsh family


This cutie was sold to the Walsh family.  Congrats and Happy Birthday to their daughter.  

Sold to the Kraham family


Happy Mother's day to Jill Kraham.  Although this puppy was a fluffy present to herself, these girls will make him all their own.  

Congrats to Susan Salzgeber.


Gorgeous Blue Merle Female with one blue eye and one grey eye sold to Sara Salzgeber. 

Congrats to Jason


This Black Tri Male was sold to Jason.  He is already having fun playing tug of war with their other Aussie.

Tiny Aussie’s Lilo


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