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About Storm


Black Blue Eyed Tri (BET)

Storm is our newest addition to our male line up.  He has those gorgeous blue eyes coming from Ghost Eye lines.  He is the calmest Aussie I’ve ever met.  I just love how calm this little guy is.  

Stud Fee $1000

Storm is 14” in height.  He’s got a beautiful head and thick bone.  


Cone Degeneration (CD) = n/n

Collie Eye Anomoly (CEA)= n/n

Canine Multifocal Retinopahy (CDMR1) = n/n

Denegerative Myelopathy (DM) = n/dm

Hereditary Cateracts (HC) = n/n 

Multi-Drug Resistance (MDR1) = n/M1

PRA-prcd =  n/n

About Spike


Red Blue Eyed Tri

Spike is my daughter’s favorite doggo.  He follows her every command.  He is so focused when it comes to playing with her. He passes on his innate ability and willingness for fetch to his pups.  He comes from BET lines.  He passes on his liver red and blue and hazel eyes.  He is so dark red that in pictures he looks like a black tri.  This little guy has produced some gorgeous little pups.  He is 7 pounds. 

All Aussie in a tiny package.

This little guy is such a sweetheart; I take him everywhere.  After all, he fits in my purse.  If you are looking for a tiny toy Australian Shepherd stud service, you’ve landed on the right page.  Take a look at our toy Australian Shepherd breeding males.


Cone Degeneration (CD) = n/n

Collie Eye Anomoly (CEA)= n/n

Canine Multifocal Retinopahy (CDMR1) = n/n

Denegerative Myelopathy (DM) = n/n

Hereditary Cateracts (HC) = n/n 

Multi-Drug Resistance (MDR1) = M1/M1

PRA-prcd =  n/P

Available for stud. Stud fee $850.00

Toy and mini Australian Shepherd Stud services

BET lines

Kody passes on those baby blues and his flashy copper.  His puppies have been minimal white.  His litters have more Merles than solids.  His puppies inherit his nice bone.  If you are looking for show quality, his pups will not disappoint.

Mini Sized and Champion bred

Kody's parents are champions.  Mom is Lulu's Lil Snowie Princess. Dad is Lulu's Lil Champion Rockin Ryker.  He has nice bone, gorgeous baby blue eyes, and beautiful copper.

CD -- n/n

CEA -- n/n

CMR1-- n/n

DM -- n/n

MDR1 -- n/n

​​​​​​​​​​PRA-prcd -- n/n

Stud fee $500

Kody's pups are gorgeous.  He does not disappoint.  They come out with beautiful coats, thick bone, and, oh, those baby blues.  He’s a fun loving, friendly dog. Loves to play ball and accompany on a walk or jog.



Gremlin has retired.  He was a red merle toy Australian Shepherd that is 10 inches tall and weighs 12 pounds.  He produces teacup sized pups.  He also puts his green, grey, and blue eyes on his pups.  

He is not available for stud.  He has one last litter with Snoopy that hit the ground on  12/19/2017.